Image Processing Reference
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Edit the proxy copy and transfer the edit decision list (EDL) with the original tape to a
more expensive system where the EDL is used as a control script to carry out the same edit
process on the full-quality, high-resolution original. This is called conforming. Between the
two processes may be a step that involves a skilled editor's making sure the edit points are
clean and visually attractive. This is called craft editing. An example life cycle is illustrated
in Figure 29-1.
This life cycle is obviously built around a reasonably large organization. Draw up
your own workflow charts even if you are planning small systems and working on your
Metadata input
Proxy copy generated
Copy requested by user
Edits on proxy
EDL saved
EDL sent to craft editor
High quality copy conformed
Archive updated
Routed to transmission
Figure 29-1 Editing life cycle.
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