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Figure 2-10 Pace PVR2GO. Source: courtesy of Pace Micro Technology.
Mobile PVR Solutions
Another interesting product was demonstrated by Pace at the International Broadcasting
Convention (IBC) in 2004. It was a handheld PVR designed to record material being broad-
cast using the DVB-H mobile-TV standard. Coupling this with the H.264 codec and a
working DRM solution brings us very close to a system that could be rolled out very soon.
Provided rights issues and the content-delivery technology can be developed at the front
end, products such as the PVR2GO shown in Figure 2-10 could be very successful.
The Future
The technology that enables PVR devices is getting cheaper, and the coding techniques
are pushing the storage capacity (measured in hours) ever upward. Nevertheless,
not every household will want to own a PVR. In addition, the higher end of the function-
ality spectrum may only ever be available to users with a lot of disposable income. Some
of the basic functionality may just be built into a TV set. As TV receivers are gradually
replaced with the new technology, they ship with video compression and local storage
already built in.
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