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If you have installed the Service Pack 2 onto your Windows XP machine (and you
should), you may find that the behavior of certain ActiveX controls is modified. This is in
the interest of enhanced security. Scripts and plug-ins that would previously just run with-
out your consent will now be blocked completely or may ask your permission before
being executed. The following is a list of the main points relating to web browsing that you
will need to check out. More detailed information is available at the Microsoft web site.
Download modifications
Attachment modifications
Authenticode enhancements
Add-on management
Crash-detection improvements
Binary behaviors security setting
Modifications of code to support URL security zones
BindToObject mitigation
Information bar enhancements
Using feature control registry settings with security zone settings
Feature control settings in group policy
UrlAction security settings in group policy
Local machine zone lockdown
MIME-handling enforcement
Object caching enhancements
Pop-up blocking
Untrusted publishers mitigations
Window restrictions
Zone elevation blocks
Network protocol lockdown
Be aware that some software may just stop working altogether. This could be due to the
closure of ports in the firewall and resultant inability of these applications to talk to the server.
Sometimes software is supposed to respond to incoming connections, and you may
have to purposely open certain ports to allow other computers to connect to yours. Mail,
file transfer, remote desktops, and file sharing are obvious examples. If you run a server
with a database or web site on it, the clients will need to gain access, which may be denied
until you do something about it.
Porting to Linux
Running web browsers on Linux is becoming increasingly popular. Not all the plug-in
manufacturers agree, so they don't all provide a Linux-compatible version of their plug-
in. However, you can run the Windows plug-ins within a special package so that they
think they are running in Windows when they are actually running in Linux. Check out
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