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Table 26-2 Metafile File Name Extensions
File type
Windows Media Advanced Stream Redirector metafile
MPEG media queue file
QuickTime reference movie
RealAudio Redirector Metafile
RealMedia Redirector Metafile
Real Plug-in Redirector Metafile
Windows Media audio redirector
Windows Media redirector
Windows Media playlist
Windows Media video redirector
Windows Media Metafiles
Advanced Stream Redirector ( .asx ) metafiles provide information about a file stream and
its presentation. The .asx files also define playlists and provide Windows Media Player
with instructions for presenting media items in the playlist.
Windows Media metafiles are implemented with an XML-based syntax and can be
encoded in either ANSI or UNICODE (UTF-8) format.
The listing below shows the contents of an .asx file as used by Windows Media
<asx version=”3.0”>
<ref href=”mms://”/>
<starttime value=”00:00:00”/>
<abstract>Descripting abstract text</abstract>
<title>Title text</title>
<author>Content author</author>
<copyright>Copyright 2004 ContactRight Ltd</copyright>
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