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Still More Codecs and Players
These are some other players or codecs that you should look at if you are interested in try-
ing out alternatives beyond those that have been covered so far. Some of these are vehicles
for a new codec, so player support might be limited or dependent on other products.
Ogg Vorbis
Just Put It on the Web
The one common destination for all these formats is the web. It is a big market, but the
consumer TV market is bigger still. There is an attempt to get web-based systems to drive
TV sets. It works (sort of), but it is not totally convincing yet. The main shortcoming is the
style of presentation. Web content just doesn't transition well from page to page. It still
needs a lot of work to engender the same design principles as TV graphic design manages.
And yet TV design is not inherently interactive. We need a style of design that combines
web interactivity with TV presentation. In the next chapter, we will explore the deploy-
ment of audiovisual assets onto the web to see if that helps us understand the technical
challenges involved.
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