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Real Export Plug-In for QuickTime on Mac OS X
With the release of the Real Export plug-in codec for QuickTime, Real Networks has
solved most of the integration problems and also made its format available to any appli-
cation that integrates with QuickTime. So, where Cleaner would have had to drive the
Real Networks SDK directly, it can now access it through the QuickTime API, which it
already uses.
A list of applications that are supported is provided by Real Networks, but these are
just the ones that have been tested. Others will probably work without any problems pro-
vided they implement the QuickTime APIs correctly. The plug-in is available as a free
You will need to have a QuickTime Pro license installed for the Real Export plug-in
to work, but the license doesn't cost much, and you should probably have already pur-
chased it as a matter of course. You will have received a license with your Final Cut or
DVD Studio applications, and QuickTime Pro licenses are also provided with some topics.
Note that this is an export-only plug-in. You cannot use this to ingest content that is
already encoded into Real format.
The following export formats are supported:
Real Video 10—Single pass (medium complexity)
Real Video 10—Two pass (high complexity)
Real Video 10—Single pass (high complexity)
SureStream (multiple bit rate)
Real Audio 10—Voice
Real Audio 10—Music
Real Networks Video Tools
If you are making Real Networks video-output files, use Real Producer 10 or Helix
Producer. The tools developed by Real Networks are optimal for creating its proprietary
files, although there are other alternative applications. Those alternatives must use the
Real Networks SDK so there is little benefit in buying them. On Linux platforms this may
be the only tool available anyway. The RealProducer software works very well with the
Osprey video cards.
Useful Utilities
A variety of useful tools are listed on the tools and plug-ins page at the Real Networks
Web site.
Real Export plug-in:
Real Networks tools and plug-ins:
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