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Table 23-2 QuickTime Utilities Available From Apple
A tool to view and edit
Mac OS and Windows
moov resources. There are
versions for Mac OS X and
Mac OS 9.
Effects Teaser
This utility explores the effects
Mac OS and Windows
architecture in QuickTime.
A tool to explore Lens Flare effects
Mac OS
that are built in to QuickTime.
A simple movie-capture tool to
Mac OS and Windows
record audio and video.
Hint Track Profiler
A diagnostic tool that graphs
Mac OS
the hint packets in a streaming
movie as it is played.
Takes the video tracks from two
Mac OS and Windows
movies and creates a new movie
with an effects track for them.
Makes a slide show movie with an
Mac OS
effect as it switches from one video
track to the next.
Creates alternate movies for various
Mac OS and Windows
Internet connection speeds, CPUs,
languages, etc. You will need this
tool to make reference movies that
you can refer to from Web pages.
Plug-In Helper
Associates URLs as well as stores
Mac OS and Windows
QuickTime plug-in settings inside
a QuickTime movie.
This tool adds an image to an audio-
Mac OS and Windows
only live stream (or to the beginning
of a streaming track).
Users of Mac OS X Server 1.2 and
Mac OS and Windows
earlier versions can give client
machines within a protected
network access to streaming servers
outside that network.
Streaming Info Plug-in
This plug-in adds an information
MacOS and Windows
panel to the QuickTime player. It
shows packet-transfer information
for streamed video tracks.
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