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Table 23-1 Add-On Components for QuickTime
Be Here
A 360-degree live streaming VR technology.
Digital Anarchy Microcosm
A 32- or 64-bit lossless video codec.
An MPEG-4 BIFS extender for playing “wired” MPEG-4
Immersive 360-degree VR designed for real-estate
applications and other similar projects.
Kaydara FBX 3D
FBX for Apple QuickTime allows any FBX file to be
viewed and interacted with using the Apple QuickTime
player on either Macintosh or Windows computers. The
file format is supported by a variety of 3D modeling
Mind Avenue AXEL
An interactive 3D modeling system with a very compact
3D-model format. This format allows scripts to be built
into your models so they animate while still being
viewed in 3D space.
MPEG-2 playback
An optional extra component that you can purchase from
Apple to enhance the playback of MPEG-2 content. It is
provided free with the DVD Studio authoring tools.
A full-screen, TV-quality codec.
A rich media 3D-animated technology platform. This is
designed for e-Learning and e-Marketing applications.
Real Networks
During the latter part of 2004, Real Networks launched a
plug-in for exporting RV10 content from QuickTime on
Mac OS. This plug-in is not an importer but any
application that can save as a QuickTime movie can now
save its video in Real Video 10 format.
Advanced Compression Technology level-2 video codec.
Windows Media
At IBC 2004, Telestream launched a plug-in for exporting
Windows Media content from QuickTime. Any
application that can save as a QuickTime movie can use
this to create Windows Media on Mac OS. The Flip4Mac
plug-in is not automatically downloadable like the other
components because you have to buy it, but it is an
extension component all the same.
A zoomable image codec. Download a small-scale image
and then as you zoom, in the portion in view is
downloaded as needed.
Zygo Video
A good-quality Web video codec.
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