Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
When people talk about a QuickTime video codec, they are describing one of the
Sorensen codecs that is supplied as a part of QuickTime. A QuickTime movie file might
contain any one or more of a large variety of video formats. Other kinds of media might
also be present in the file.
Over and above normal linear playback, QuickTime supports the following addi-
tional capabilities that are not found in the other players:
Massively parallel numbers of tracks
A wide variety of non-video/audio track content types
Internal object base
Real-time effects layers
Real-time warping and transforms
Object movies in QuickTime VR
Scene/panorama movies in QuickTime VR
Embedded movies within movies
Wired script control
QuickTime Music architecture
Image conversion and translation
Multimedia data codecs
Most of these capabilities have been available in QuickTime since about 1998.
Interestingly, a lot of these capabilities have now become available in MPEG-4, and
that sets MPEG-4 apart from MPEG-2 in a very important way. Creating packaged inter-
active multimedia experiences that play across multiple platforms is possible and is now
available in an open-standards format. So if you are already able to create a nonlinear
experience in QuickTime, you should be able to translate that content quite easily.
QuickTime also has a valuable toolkit of image conversion and compression tools as
well as multimedia data converters.
The Player
When you use the QuickTime player, it looks the same on Windows and Mac OS. The
release strategy ensures that the same version is supported everywhere and the upgrades
are synchronized as closely as possible so that the viewing experience and API support are
Figure 23-1 shows the QuickTime 6 movie player in the default state. The QuickTime
7 movie player looks slightly different in appearance.
The QuickTime Applications Programming Interface
The QuickTime player is available as an applications programming interface (API) that
you can invoke from within your own application. You are responsible for setting up the
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