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Why Choose Windows Media?
If your target audience is entirely Windows based, then it is a very easy decision to
go with this player. It will deliver everything you want to do if you are deploying a
video-led service or implementing something that integrates with the media center
If you predominantly use Windows-based machines in your organization and you are sure
that your end users also use them, then Windows Media is a good choice. Microsoft goes
to great lengths to ensure that the media player is available when you install the OS and
that the performance is as good as possible.
There are commercial downsides to using Windows Media, but the upsides in a
controlled and closed Windows-based environment probably outweigh the benefits of
choosing another platform. I will make exactly the same argument for using QuickTime-
based video delivery if your organization is built around a Macintosh desktop deploy-
ment strategy.
WM10 is released as a public beta trial for the Windows platform only. It introduces
a new player and some upgrades to the codec support but no radically new coding engine
or algorithms. There are other new features related to the Microsoft music store and some
DRM changes. Also, there is a more advanced Series 9 encoder that supports interlaced
video. It provides more sophisticated support for building media applications around the
SDK as well as a lot of support for audio, play lists, and the new online music store serv-
ice. Additional support for transporting WM9 content on other systems such as broadcast
networks and DVD players is also introduced.
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