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Figure 2-7 BBC News' broadband video console. Source: courtesy of BBC News Interactive.
that present the highlights of a sporting event need to be able to select and encode fragments
of content easily, quickly, and reliably.
These demands lead to the implementation of very large infrastructure projects such
as the BBC Colledia-based Jupiter system deployed in its news division. This facilitates the
sharing of media assets as soon as they start to arrive. Editing by multiple teams at the same
time is possible, and the finished packages are then routed to transmission servers in a form
that is ready to deploy to the national TV broadcast service as well as to the Internet.
Advertising on the Internet is beginning use video to present more compelling content.
The newer codecs such as H.264 allow the macroblocks to be presented in quite sophisti-
cated geometrical arrangements. It is now feasible to fit video into the traditional banner
advertising rectangles that have a very different aspect ratio from normal video. Creating
the content may need to be done using video editing tools that allow non-standard raster
sizes to be used.
More information about these standard sizes is available at the Interactive
Advertising Bureau Web site.
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB):
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