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product to a client—and probably very near a deadline! Panic sets in and you have to
make some decisions very quickly. Keeping some spare disk capacity on hand to plug in
at short notice is a very good idea.
Without a mechanism for referring to fragments of movies and creating edit decision
lists as reference movie structures, the editing system would have to assemble all the clips
in place as a physical process. This would involve massive amounts of copying and would
fill disks up with lots of duplicate copies of the same footage. It would also be a lot harder
to modify edit points in a nonlinear way and it harkens back to the old way of assembling
an edit clip by clip. The productivity gains from nonlinear editors could not be achieved
if they were working in the traditional way that a tape-based editor does.
Dependent Files
Large and complex systems can be designed to share media with each other or between
projects. You may find that you have removed a file or project folder without realizing that
it is referred to elsewhere. QuickTime is especially good at assembling the fragments from
several files into a playback experience that resembles a complete movie. When you save
that assembled file, it asks whether to save it as a self-contained movie or as a movie with
dependencies on other files. Self-contained movies will not be affected if other movies are
removed or relocated. Movies containing dependencies must be treated carefully until
you have rendered down a self-contained version. A simple file dependency is shown in
Figure 16-9.
File Management and Life Cycle
You must think about the life cycle of your video files. The content is first created, then
stored, then accessed later and possibly eventually destroyed. Along the way it will very
likely be transformed, and it is certain that the files will be moved from one place to
another within the same system or to another system. Files might be placed offline and
transferred across a network of some kind. Networks come in many forms such as a file
Source clips
Clip 1
Clip 2
References to other movie clips
Finished sequence
Figure 16-9 File dependencies.
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