Image Processing Reference
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Figure 14-10 Buffer overrun. Source: courtesy of Tektronix.
This technique could be applied to graphics-rendering systems, to provide a mac-
roblock-organized array of hinting values. Hinting could indicate how that portion of the
scene was rendered and whether a part of it had come from the same place as a mac-
roblock in another frame. In this way, we are structuring the hints to the compression
process as part of rendering the scene. This obviously does not work for video being
filmed on a camera, but rendered footage exists as a database model and it gets trans-
formed into pixels along the way. We know everything there is to know about the prove-
nance of that pixel.
For a workflow that produces a DVD, writing the compressed bit stream directly as
an output of the rendering process allows optimizing decisions to take place as the ren-
dering is processing. This improves the compression ratio at the source.
This idea is completely speculative and I am not aware of any systems that are avail-
able off the shelf with this level of integration. Architecting and building workflow
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