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Table 7-2 Audio Track Arrangements (Continued)
3 front and
An analog-matrixed signal is decoded to create the
1 rear
extra surround channels. Too much compression
will destroy the matrix information. Separate them
out and then encode each independently.
2 front and
An experimental analog surround format used for
2 rear
music in the 1970s. Not much content survives in
this format.
5.0 surround
3 front and
A modern surround format used for music
2 rear
applications and lacking the low frequency channel.
Dolby Digital
3 front,
Surround systems constructed according to the
2 rear, and 1
Dolby model are configured in a variety of ways
with anything from 1 to 6 channels being used.
There are also complex matrix-encoding signals that
must be preserved so the older Dolby Surround
systems will work. This is critical, and you must
have some knowledge of how this system works to
be able to encode it competently. Most important, the
sample rate must be high enough to preserve the
surround information. There are many versions and
variants of this system, and it is only Dolby Digital
5.1 if it says so on the box.
DTS Digital
3 front,
An alternative to the Dolby system is the Digital
Surround 5.1
2 rear, and 1
Theatre Sound system. This is often presented on
major DVDs containing Hollywood blockbuster
movies as an alternative to the Dolby sound track. It is
not unusual for DVD video files to have 10 or more
audio tracks associated with them. Every one has to be
carefully encoded and precisely synchronized.
3 front,
This extends the DTS system from 5.1 channels
Surround ES™
3 rear, and 1
to 6.1. All the earlier caveats apply. You must be
confident about what you are doing when encoding
this sort of channel complexity. Also known as DTS-
ES 6.1.
THX Surround
3 front, 3 rear, and
This is also known as Dolby Digital EX and
1 low-frequency
supports 6.1 audio channels.
5 front, 2 rear, and
This is used in large cinema auditoriums and has
1 low-frequency
2 additional speakers on either side of the screen.
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