Image Processing Reference
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In phase signal
Out of phase signal
Figure 7-11 Balanced audio phasing.
Jack plug
Balanced to unbalanced via a Balun transformer
Jack plug
Balanced to unbalanced without a Balun transformer
Figure 7-12 Balun versus cable.
of the same signal. Any inductive noise is then phase inverted when the signal is converted
back to an unbalanced format.
In an emergency, wire the balanced cables so that they are compatible with unbal-
anced inputs just by connecting one of the two signals and the ground shield to a jack
plug. This will not remove the noise. You must use a proper Balun transformer to do that.
When compressing audio or video, noise is your enemy. It consumes bit rate that
would be better employed carrying the content you want to encode. Balanced audio is bet-
ter than unbalanced since there is less induced noise.
AES Audio Formats
The Audio Engineering Society (AES) defines a standard for digital audio that is very
popular with broadcasters. This is a good choice to make if you are building a new
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