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Table 6-6 Other Non-RGB Formats
Cyan, magenta and yellow. The blacks are not very dense and are often
called brown-black.
Cyan, magenta, and yellow with the K value representing an additional
black channel. This value must be subtracted from the CMY values to
achieve under-color removal.
Compressed-image format using Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression
originally developed for CompuServe. Unisys owns the patent.
Hue lightness and saturation
Hue saturation and value
Joint Photographic Experts Group still-image format. Uses DCT
transforms but no inter-frame computation.
A more recent version of the JPEG standard that allows for wavelet
compression of still images.
Luma plus two color-difference values (chroma). The color-difference
values represent the yellow-blue axis and the magenta-green axis.
Although not an image format itself, PDF files are being used
increasingly as image containers with other formats embedded inside them.
It is theoretically possible to convert between a movie file and a sequence of
PDF files and vice versa. Since Mac OS X uses PDF for the display-imaging
model, this will become more popular.
The Apple Macintosh picture format, revised and extended over the
years to include compression.
Pixlet compression was developed by Apple and shipped in QuickTime
6.4 for Mac OS X. This uses a still image-based wavelet compression in a
motion video container to provide compressed video with no observable
artifacts. The name is derived from the words Pixar and wavelet.
Portable graphics format developed in response to the patent claim by
Unisys. It was intended to replace GIF images on the Internet.
Tagged image format originally codeveloped by Microsoft and Aldus
for the pre-press industry. Various versions have been developed since.
nance of a scene is mapped to the behavior of the human eye, and the range of available
brightness values for 8-bit and HDR are both shown on the same axis. In this case the word
luminance is the lighting and color science value and must not be confused with luma val-
ues discussed elsewhere.
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