Image Processing Reference
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Figure 1-1 How hard can it be?
Revenue streams from customers to you
Access control and rights management
Reduced labor costs in production
You will need to weigh these factors against each other. Some of them are mutually exclu-
sive. You cannot deliver high quality from a cheap system that is fed with low-quality
source material that was recorded on a secondhand VHS tape. Software algorithms are
getting very sophisticated, but the old adage, “Garbage in, garbage out” was never truer
than it is for video compression.
It's Not Just About Compressing the Video
The practicalities of video compression are not just about how to set the switches in the
encoder but also involve consideration of the context—the context in which the video is
arriving as well as the context where it is going to be deployed once it has been processed.
Together, we will explore a lot of background and supporting knowledge that you
need to have in order to make the best decisions about how to compress the video. The
actual compression process itself is almost trivial in comparison to the contextual setting
and the preprocessing activity.
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