Image Processing Reference
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Introduction to Video
Starting Our Journey
We (that is, you and I) are going to explore video compression together. It is a journey of
discovery and surprise. Compression might seem daunting at this point, but like the old
Chinese proverb says, “Even the longest journey starts with a single step.” Let's head into
that unknown territory together, taking it carefully, one step at a time until we reach our
Video Compression Is Like . . .
It really is like trying to get a grand piano through a mailbox slot or an elephant through
the eye of a needle. In fact, we thought the elephant was such an appropriate description,
my friend Russell Merryman created a cartoon to illustrate the concept:
Video compression is all about trade-offs. Ask yourself what constitutes the best
video experience for your customers. That is what determines where you are going to
compromise. Which of these are the dominant factors for you?
Image quality
Sound quality
Frame rate
Saving disk space
Moving content around our network more quickly
Saving bandwidth
Reducing the playback overhead for older processors
Portability across platforms
Portability across players
Open standards
Licensing costs for the tools
Licensing costs for use of content
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