Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5-16 Original geometry.
Figure 5-17 Example of warped nonlinear scaling.
your eyes focus on a single word at a time and it appears to squash and stretch as you
follow it.
Sometimes a presenter will walk across the screen and appear to go on a very rapid
slimming regime as the person reaches the center, and then experience a massive weight
gain as he or she moves toward the side again. You are strongly advised to let the TV set
do this and not try to implement this stretched mode in your content.
Oddly enough, the justify mode seems to work quite well most of the time and is an
improvement over simply stretching the 4:3 raster across the 16:9 tube front. It is definitely
better than a center cutout with black sides that look very odd after watching stretched 4:3
for a little while. However, purists may disapprove of this technique, and it will very likely
offend experienced TV engineers.
Wide-Screen Signaling
Broadcasters transmit signals in hidden TV lines that the TV detects and uses to switch the
display mode to a suitable setting for the program. It is quite disconcerting when the TV
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