HTML and CSS Reference
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Open up Visual Studio and create a new blank application. Name it Html5-Demos . When done,
add the following code to the body of default.html so that it serves as the main menu for navigating
into all of the sample HTML5 pages you'll write throughout the chapter.
Start Here! Build <b>Windows 8</b> Applications with <b>HTML5</b> and
<hr />
HTML5 samples
<div id="links">
<a href="pages/multi.html">MULTI</a>
<!-- Add here more links to HTML pages as we proceed in the chapter. -->
<hr />
Dino Esposito | Francesco Esposito
Figure 2-2 shows the aspect of the resulting application. By clicking the links (such as, the MULTI
link in the figure below) you force the operating system to open the webpage into Internet Explorer
10—the native browser in Windows 8.
FIGURE 2-2 The home page of the sample application for this chapter.
From now on, you'll be creating plain HTML5 pages and adding an anchor tag <a> to the body of
default.html .
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