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These applications, though, are usually intended for distribution through the Windows Store in an
unrestricted way. This means that after you have made the application available to the Windows
Store, any Windows 8 user can get and install it. Finally, the third option is to create sideloaded
applications. A sideloaded application is a Windows 8 modern UI application, such as those described
in this topic, that you can install on machines set up so they have special capability of accepting
trusted applications. It is key to note that a sideloaded application is in no way different from a
Windows Store application; it's the target environment that must be configured differently, so that
machine can install applications from locations other than the Windows Store, such as via email or
from a CD or DVD.
This topic covered Windows 8 development with HTML5 and JavaScript from an initial “Hello
Windows 8” application all the way through to publishing a completed free or for-sale application.
If you made it to this point and completed all the exercises, you're in a position to start publishing
some great Windows 8 applications. All the best!
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