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FIGURE 14-3 Do you want an individual or a company account?
Note that you can't switch from one type of account to another. To create a company account,
you need to provide Microsoft with a lot more documentation about the company and its executives.
On the other hand, a company account lets you have multiple administrators—and even create and
publish applications for internal company use. However, if you're just practicing with Windows 8 and
want to upload one or two applications for which you are the sole developer, an individual account is
just fine.
You proceed by entering your personal information, including your full name and address. Next, you
choose your display name. The display name is important, because it is the name that Windows 8 will
show as the author of the application. The display name of any app publisher must be unique; when
you suggest a name the Windows 8 Dev Center site provides real-time verification as to whether the
name you have chosen is available or already taken (see Figure 14-4).
FIGURE 14-4 The publisher's name must be unique.
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