HTML and CSS Reference
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FIGURE 1-13 The HelloWin8 project.
It turns out that a Windows 8 application written using JavaScript looks like a self-contained web
application made of HTML pages properly styled using CSS and powered by JavaScript logic. If you
are familiar with the web paradigm and client-side web development, then you only need to make
sense of the Windows 8-specific application programming interface (API) exposed to you via a few
JavaScript files to link.
Before compiling the project to see what happens, let's make some minimal change: Close
the default.js file and open up the default.html file, which is responsible for the home page of the
application (see Figure 1-14). To open a file that is part of the current project, you locate the file by
name in the Solution Explorer panel and then double-click it. In general, if you need to open a file
that is not included in the project for your reference, then you might want to use the Open item on
the File menu.
FIGURE 1-14 Opening default.html .
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