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Getting a developer account
So, Windows 8 users can only install new Windows 8 applications from the Windows Store. But
who can upload such applications? The answer is that every Windows 8 developer must obtain a
developer account from Microsoft, which entitles them to publish applications. Without a valid
developer account, your dazzling application will never be installed except on the computer where
you developed it.
Note Windows 8 comes with two main areas of functionality. One is the classic Windows
user interface that allows you to install any application, either manually or through a
provided setup program—just as in any previous version of Windows. The other is based
on the modern Windows 8 user interface. To install any of these applications, you need to
get and install them from the Windows Store.
registering as a developer of free applications
To register as a Windows 8 developer, from the Microsoft Visual Studio Store menu, choose the Open
Developer Account item and then follow the on-screen instructions (see Figure 14-1).
FIGURE 14-1 The Store menu to create a developer's account.
Clicking the Get A Developer License For Windows Store Apps link takes you to the Windows 8 Dev
Center, where you click the displayed button to register as a developer (see Figure 14-2).
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