HTML and CSS Reference
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tasksList = tasksList.createSorted(function (first,
second) {
return first.dueDate > second.dueDate;
var listview = document.getElementById("task-listview").
listview.itemDataSource = tasksList.dataSource;
// Notification
return promise;
Compared to the original version of the populateTaskList function, there are two main changes
to note. The first change is the obvious call to the liveTilesManager.enable function which turns
on Live tiles. The second change refers to the promise object that wraps up the entire body of the
function. The promise object is not strictly required but helps in case of further development. Having
populateTaskList return a promise gives you a chance to concatenate the behavior of populateTaskList
with other behavior via the then and done methods.
Figure 13-8 shows the large Live tile of the application.
FIGURE 13-8 The large tile of the application.
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