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FIGURE 13-1 Tiles in the Start screen of a Windows 8 machine.
Tiles in action
Users can operate on tiles in much the same way they can operate on icons in earlier versions of
Windows. Specifically, the user can move tiles around, group them, make them larger or smaller, and
enable or disable live notifications. In the end, tiles are just updated icons, restyled and enriched with
the ability to receive live notifications from the underlying application.
Moving Live tiles around
Windows 8 creates a new tile for each installed application and pins it to the Start screen. It is then up
to the user to unpin the tile from the Start screen if they don't want to see its tile, or even uninstall the
application altogether. Figure 13-2 shows the context menu that appears when a user right-clicks a tile.
As Figure 13-2 shows, the available operations are: unpin the application from the Start screen,
uninstall the application, change the size of the tile, and toggle live notifications from the application
on or off.
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