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Figure 12-20 shows the final result.
FIGURE 12-20 Showing an info-box with the civic address for the given coordinates.
Both desktop computers and mobile devices (that is, laptops, tablets, and smartphones) are rich
in sensors and ad hoc hardware, which in turn enables developers to write more sophisticated
applications that provide a unique perspective to users. The ability to detect the current device
position with high accuracy enables personalization beyond the basic content and UI of the
application. Other sensors, although not specifically demonstrated in this chapter, can help software
to figure out how the device is being used and manipulated or rotated.
Programming Windows Store applications requires that developers become familiar with a range
of sensors, such as the GPS sensor that works as a gateway to the surrounding world and hardware.
In this chapter, you tackled the webcam, printer, and GPS. More importantly, you explored methods
that you can easily apply to other sensors, such as the accelerometer or gyroscope.
In the next chapter, you'll deal with the most characteristic feature of Windows-based devices—
Live tiles.
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