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Creating the sample project
Before you give Visual Studio the green light to create files, you might want to spend some time
thinking about the location of the project. In Figure 1-10, you see Location; that's the place where you
enter the disk path to the files being created for the project.
It is always preferable to save your sample applications in a well-organized structure. For the
sample code of this topic, you'll use a root directory named Win8 containing ChXX directories for
each chapter, where XX is a two-digit chapter number.
By default, Visual Studio saves your project files right under the Documents folder and creates a
new directory for each solution. You can change the default location of a project by simply editing
the path in the Location every time. Alternatively, you can set a new default path for every project by
selecting Options from the Tools menu and then picking up the General node under the Projects and
Solutions element (see Figure 1-11).
FIGURE 1-11 Changing the default project location.
For the “Hello Windows 8” application, you'll create a new blank application project named
HelloWin8 in the Win8/Ch01 folder, as shown in Figure 1-12.
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