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helpful for visualizing the user's location on a map. First, you need to download the Bing SDK from
the following URL: . Then, to reference the Bing SDK in your project, right-click
the References node and select Add Reference. Next, check the Bing Maps for JavaScript item, as
shown in Figure 12-17.
FIGURE 12-17 Referencing the Bing SDK.
Before you can successfully use the Bing SDK, there are a couple of other points to be addressed.
The first is to reference the Bing SDK JavaScript file from within your pages. In default.html , add the
following SCRIPT tag:
<!-- Bing Map Control references -->
<script type="text/javascript"
The Bing SDK requires some credentials to work. Credentials are the way in which the library tracks
users and the use being made of the functions. Bing credentials consist of a key you create after you
register on the Bing portal at . Figure 12-18 shows the page you land
on after you've successfully registered and created your key for a Windows Store app.
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