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by generating some vanilla code appropriate to that template and language that you can customize
and extend.
For the purposes of this topic, your programming language of choice is JavaScript. It's worth
remembering, though, that you could use other languages, such as C#, Visual Basic, and even C++.
The “Hello Windows 8” application
Without further ado, launch Visual Studio and discover what it takes to create a new project.
It couldn't be simpler, actually; from the start page, you just click the New Project link, as shown in
Figure 1-9.
FIGURE 1-9 Creating a new project.
Choosing a project template
Visual Studio offers a few predefined templates for your new project, but choosing the project
template only appears to be an easy task. It requires that you have a reasonably clear idea of the final
result you want to achieve. The template you truly want to use depends on the interaction model you
have in mind, the graphics, and the content you need to work on. Figure 1-10 shows the New Project
window you will see after electing to create a new project.
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