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FIGURE 11-10 Placing a breakpoint to inspect the content of the json variable.
When execution has paused on the breakpoint, you just move your mouse over the json variable.
A possibly very wide tooltip appears. If the text is fairly long, inspecting it from the tooltip may not be
easy. As an alternative, click on the down arrow icon that appears right before the text. When you do
that, you are offered a better option: to select a text visualizer (see Figure 11-11).
FIGURE 11-11 Inspecting the content of the json variable into a comfortable visualizer.
The text visualizer is a plain text editor where you can comfortably inspect the content of the json
variable—the text you're going to pass to the JSON parser and that is known to generate an “invalid
character” exception. You can easily select that text and copy it to the clipboard. To copy the text to
the clipboard, you can either type Ctrl+C, or right-click the text and select Copy (see Figure 11-12).
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