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In your parser, the first thing you want to do is select all the item elements and then loop through
them to extract specific information, such as the title, description, a link to the source, and perhaps a
category. The following code selects all the item elements from the entire XML document.
var items = response.responseXML.querySelectorAll("rss > channel > item");
The query syntax is nearly identical to the CSS query syntax you discovered in Chapter 3, “Making
sense of CSS”: it means “get me all the elements named item that are children of the rss and channel
elements.” Next, you create a for-each loop and work on each item individually. As an example, the
following code shows how to retrieve the title of the first published news item.
var title = items[0].querySelector("title").textContent;
The final problem to solve, as far as parsing is concerned, is determining where you will store
parsed data. Ideally, you might want to gather information in an easy-to-manage array that you can
then bind to the list view. Here's the final version of the code for the parser:
rssReaderApp.parseFeed = function (response) {
if (response.responseXML == null) {
rssReaderApp.alert("Invalid data");
var items = response.responseXML.querySelectorAll("rss > channel > item");
for (var n = 0; n < items.length; n++) {
var newsElement = {};
newsElement.title = items[n].querySelector("title").textContent; = items[n].querySelector("link").textContent;
newsElement.guid = items[n].querySelector("guid").textContent;
newsElement.pubDate = items[n].querySelector("pubDate").textContent;
newsElement.description = items[n].querySelector("description").textContent;
// Check category
var category = "[No category]";
if (items[n].querySelector("category") != null)
category = items[n].querySelector("category").textContent;
newsElement.category = category;
There are a couple of things to note. First, if you're working with one specific RSS feed then you can
adapt your code to the expected format. If you instead plan to write a rather generic RSS Reader that
users can configure to get data from a variety of different sources, then you should pay attention to
each and every piece of data you try to access. For example, you'll find the category node in the Google
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