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You then submit the form. You'll receive an email containing the product key to unlock the current
version of Visual Studio (see Figure 1-6).
FIGURE 1-6 Product key retrieval for Visual Studio 2012 Express.
It usually takes only a few seconds to receive an email from Microsoft to your specified address.
The email contains the product key as text; copy it to the clipboard and switch back to Visual Studio.
In the same window you saw in Figure 1-4, paste the product key you just received.
Creating a developer account
To write and test Windows 8 applications, you need a developer license from Microsoft. The license is
free and entitles you to be a registered Microsoft developer. Getting such a license requires only that
you sign in using your Windows Live ID, as shown in Figure 1-7. (If you don't have a Windows Live ID,
the dialog box that prompts you to enter it provides a quick “Sign Up” link.)
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