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This method takes a few of the lines you already had in TodoList.populateTaskList . In particular, it
takes out the configuration work (such as, template and event binding) that only needs be done once.
You call TodoList.setupTaskList from within TodoList.init just before calling TodoList.populateTaskList .
Of course, you remove the two lines moved to TodoList.setupTaskList from TodoList.populateTaskList .
Finally, you take care of the code that runs when the user selects a task from the list. You add the
following method to todolist.js :
TodoList.taskSelected = function (eventInfo) {
eventInfo.detail.itemPromise.then(function (item) {
You ask (asynchronously) for the selected item and, when you get it, you extract the contained
data —the Task object—and pass it to the familiar TodoList.displayTask method, as shown in
Figure 10-13.
FIGURE 10-13 Selecting a task for editing.
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