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Finally, you prepare the actual string of text to share and copy it to the package using the setTex t
method. Figure 9-9 shows the effect of the change: the TodoList application can now pass data to the
Mail application through the Share panel of the Charms bar.
FIGURE 9-9 The TodoList application ready to share task information.
Once the user has clicked one of the listed applications (only the Mail is listed as a receiver in the
screenshot), the control passes to the selected application. The application inspects the data package,
ensures it contains data it can handle, extracts data in the most convenient format, and then uses it.
Figure 9-10 shows what the Mail application can do with the passed data: it prepares a new email and
automatically sets to the body of the email to the shared text.
FIGURE 9-10 The Mail application is consuming data from TodoList.
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