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If you already know a bit of JavaScript development, building Windows 8 applications will not be
a huge, new type of adventure. If you are not already a JavaScript developer, the JavaScript route
probably represents the shortest path for learning to build Windows 8 applications.
This chapter sets up the preliminary aspects of such a learning path and discusses what you
need to install—specifically Windows 8 and Microsoft Visual Studio—and how to configure the
environment. In the next chapters you'll first see a summary of HTML (in particular, the latest version
of HTML, known as HTML5), CSS, and JavaScript, and then attack the task of building Windows 8
applications with topics more specifically related to Windows 8 programming.
Important If you are already familiar with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, you might want to
start directly with Chapter 5. If not, at the very minimum I recommend you look carefully
at Chapters 2, 3, and 4. Better yet, I suggest you look into speciic topics for HTML5 and
JavaScript, as the chapters you find here represent about 10 percent of the content you
would ind in a dedicated topic. You might want to explore other topics in this Microsoft
Press series that address these topics directly: Start Here! Learn HTML5 by Faithe Wempen
(Microsoft Press, 2012) and Start Here! Learn JavaScript by Steve Suehring (Microsoft Press,
Getting ready for development
So you want to start building applications for Windows 8 using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. First, you
need to make sure that some software is properly installed on your development machine. The following
section discusses the details.
The software you need
As obvious as it may sound, you need to have Windows 8 installed to develop, test, and run Windows
8 applications. The easiest way to develop and test applications for Windows 8 is by using the current
version of Visual Studio—Visual Studio 2012.
There are various editions of both Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012, but for the purposes of this
topic, you'll need at least the minimal versions of each product: Windows 8 Basic edition and the free
Visual Studio 2012 Express edition for Windows 8 applications.
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