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The method pickSaveFileAsync displays the user interface and returns only once the user has
dismissed the dialog or has selected a file. The method runs asynchronously; this means that you
need to use the then method to specify any behavior you want to run after the file has been selected.
The File save picker returns a file. parameter that refers to the name of the file being created.
If the file argument is null , then the user has dismissed the picker; otherwise, the user has successfully
selected a file. The next step of this exercise consists of displaying some properties of the file. In the
next chapter, you'll learn how to create and read files. Figure 9-5 shows the user interface of the file
picker about to create a new file in an empty folder.
FIGURE 9-5 The TodoList application ready to create a new file in the Todo List custom folder.
The object you receive from the file picker is a StorageFile object. To get its name, you can invoke
the name property. You can also invoke the displayName property if you want to get rid of the
associated extension. Figure 9-6 shows a message box with the name of the created file.
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