HTML and CSS Reference
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piece of HTML that requires the Flash plug-in to play the video. The Flash plug-in is not available for
Windows Store applications.
To fix things for Windows Store applications, you must instruct YouTube to return the video in an
HTML5-compatible format. You do that by using a slightly different format for the video URL:<id>?html5=1
In this way, YouTube will insert in the IFRAME a piece of HTML that uses the VIDEO element of
HTLM5 instead of relying on the Flash plug-in. Figure 7-14 provides a screenshot of the final version
of the exercise.
Note You should be aware that, currently not all YouTube videos may be played in
Windows Store applications. First and foremost, owners of the video may have blocked
embedding of the video. Second, currently YouTube doesn't play any video that includes
ads or captions through the HTML5 VIDEO element. For more information, have a look at .
FIGURE 7-14 The final version of the Video Gallery application.
With this chapter, you completed the overview of the presentation layer of Windows Store
applications. You learned how to create and manage specialized views, such as flip views, list views,
and master/detail views (known with the fancy name of semantic zoom). You also experienced the
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