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overflow: hidden;
The first step of the exercise is now complete: run the application and you should see what's in
Figure 7-7.
FIGURE 7-7 A fully functional FlipView component.
Navigating to a detail page
A gallery of images wouldn't be a gallery if it didn't allow users to click displayed items and navigate
to a detail page. This is precisely what you are going to do as the second step of the exercise.
retrieving the bound item
As a first step, you add a click handler on the DIV element that contains the item template. You just
add the onclick attribute to the DIV element, as shown below. In this way, any time the user clicks (or
taps) the DIV —basically the entire area of the image—she triggers the handler.
<div id="template-container" onclick="GalleryApp.showDetails()">
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