HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
FlyOut component by setting the innerHTML property on the flyoutSummary element of the page.
Finally, you show the FlyOut component. Note that a FlyOut component needs an anchor element
that determines where the fly out will display—in this case, you can use the Add Task button element
as an anchor. Figure 6-15 provides a view of the summary fly out.
FIGURE 6-15 Summarizing work done to the user.
Although incomplete—you didn't do anything to save the task—this exercise showed you several
aspects of Windows 8 applications. You managed the user interface using a mix of HTML elements
and native Windows 8 components. You employed data binding techniques and learned how to
structure the JavaScript code you need to have in any solution. In the following chapters, you'll return
to the TodoList application to add some more features, such as storing tasks and reading them.
In the next chapter, you'll go through some basic (but still effective) exercises involving images and
media content.
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