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FIGURE 5-5 Examples of Windows 8 Live tiles.
FIGURE 5-6 The App bar of a Windows Store application.
Device-centric design
A Windows Store application presents itself fused to the design of the operating system and fully
immersed in the surrounding environment. You can legitimately think that the design principles
applied are then specific of the Windows 8 platform. It is instead a set of principles that, while
developed to be applied to Windows 8 applications, are general enough to become source of
inspiration for any software and platform that needs be device-centric.
Device-centric is a relatively new term that essentially revolves around the idea that design and
functionality of an application should be based on the assumption that the application will run on a
variety of different devices—different for screen size, memory capabilities, and programming power.
Inspiring principles of the Windows 8 UI
The Windows 8 UI is inspired by the following seven principles:
Design for touch and intuitive interaction.
Be responsive to user interaction and always ready for the next interaction.
Reduce redundancy in your user interface.
Fit into the existing UI model.
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