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way to display data to the users of your application. You'll be using the data binding service quite
often in the upcoming chapters.
The Windows 8 Runtime (WinRT)
It's fairly rare for a new version of an operating system to introduce a new type of application that
is completely incompatible with older versions of the same system. Sometimes a newer operating
system offers a few new functions that tease companies to update existing programs. However, in
Windows 8, there's a completely new segment of applications, named Windows Store apps. Not only
do these applications run only on Windows 8, but they also have a brand new look and feel, can
be offered for free or for sale through the Windows Store, and last, but certainly not least, are not
limited to classic personal computers but instead can also run—unchanged—on a variety of Windows
8-compliant devices, most notably Microsoft Surface devices. In addition, Windows Store applications
can only be developed on machines running Windows 8.
Note Just to cool down some possibly premature enthusiasm: no, there's no way for you
to run your handmade Windows 8 application on an iPad. Any Windows 8 application can
run on devices as long the device is compatible with Windows hardware and software
Windows Store apps and other apps
Windows 8 has two working modes that you can switch on and off—the standard Windows mode
and the new Windows 8 mode. When configured for the standard Windows mode, your machine
looks not so different from an old-faithful Windows 7 machine. In this mode, you can seamlessly run
all of your existing Windows applications, since backward compatibility is fully guaranteed. As a user,
in the end, you won't really experience a huge difference.
When a machine equipped with Windows 8 starts up, however, it is configured to operate in the
new Windows 8 mode. This brings up a brand new dazzling user interface and makes available a
different set of applications. In this mode, you won't find any of your old applications; however, all of
your handmade, new Windows Store apps will be listed here (see Figure 5-1, for example).
Note Here's another way of looking at the two souls of Windows 8: You can consider the
classic Windows desktop interface as just another application available in Windows 8 mode,
except that this built-in application will offer you a view of your machine with the eyes of
the Windows 7 operating system.
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