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Figure 4-10. Drawing a smiley
Notice the use of two methods not used so far : closePath() and fill() . The closePath() method
closes a path by joining the start point of the first drawing operation and the end point of the last drawing
operation. Thus to draw a triangle, you need to draw only two lines using lineTo() ; calling
closePath() draws the third side of the triangle. Until now, you used the stroke() method to draw an
outline of a shape. The fill() method fills the shape with a color. Of course, you can use stroke() as well as
fill() with a single shape. The strokeStyle and fillStyle properties can be used to specify a color with
which the outlining or filling operation should be performed. Figure 4-11 shows how a filled triangle is
rendered as a result of running the code from Listing 4-8.
Figure 4-11. Drawing a filled triangle
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