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Figure 3-3. <video> element in IE9
In addition to the autoplay , loop , and preload attributes, you can also use the muted and poster
attributes with the <video> element. The muted attribute indicates whether the audio output of the video
file being played should be muted. You can use this attribute when you want the user to view the video
without background sound, like this:
<video src="Video1.mp4" controls="controls" muted="mute d"></video>
The poster attribute points to an image file that is displayed while the video is being downloaded or
until the user clicks the Play button. You can use poster to display additional information about the video.
Here's an example:
<video src="Video1.mp4" controls="controls" poster="poster.jpg" preload="none"></video>
Figure 3-4 shows the poster attribute in action.
Figure 3-4. Using the poster attribute
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