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Suppose you're building a photo album web application that displays photos in various formats
including .png , .jpg , and .gif . Based on the image format, you may allow certain special effects to be
added. In such cases, you may want to select images with a particular file extension. The following
attribute ends with selector does that by selecting all the images whose src attribute ends with .gif :
alert($("img[src $= '.gif']").length);
Suppose a multilingual web site needs to render its content in different languages. The lang attribute
is used to mark the language of a section of the page. If you wish to select all the <div> elements having
their lang attribute set to some value, you can use this has attribute selector:
Now, let's develop a more realistic example that uses attribute selectors, as shown in Figure 2-7.
Figure 2-7. Filtering download links using attribute selectors
In Figure 2-7, the web form consists of a GridView control that displays links to files that can be
downloaded. The download categories are listed in a DropDownList at the top. When the user selects a
particular category, only downloads belonging to the selected category are displayed. The rest are kept
hidden. The download links have a specific pattern:
• All download links for products contain the Products folder in the URL: for example,
products/Product1Setup.exe .
• All download links for white papers are of the form paper- xxxx , where xxxx is the
title of the paper: for example, Paper-Topic1.pdf .
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