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Figure 2-1. jQuery library from ASP.NET MVC projects
To refer to the jQuery library from Microsoft's Ajax CDN, you don't need to maintain a local copy of the
jQuery library—you can refer to it directly. You can find a list of files available on the Microsoft Ajax CDN at . Fi gure 2-2 shows a list of files you can use from Microsoft Ajax CDN.
The URLs for minified and non-minified versions of jQuery 1.7.2 are as follows:
The minified version is a compressed version obtained by applying several script-minification
techniques such as removal of whitespaces and comments from the code. The minified version is ideal for
production use because of its compact size. You can use non-minified version during the development
phase when script debugging might be needed.
n Note A CDN is a network of servers situated at key locations across the globe. This network maintains cached
copies of files that are to be delivered to the client. When a client tries to access any file that is being maintained by
the CDN, the server nearest to the requesting client fulfills the request. This technique is known as edge caching
because the servers toward the edge supply the content. In addition to Microsoft Ajax CDN, you can also use the
Google Libraries API for referring to the jQuery library.
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