HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
files, canvas, web storage, a history API, a file API, web sockets, web workers, offline applications, and
This chapter gave you an overview of HTML5 and its features. You also learned how ASP.NET and
HTML5 fit together. You used the Modernizr library to detect HTML5 feature support at runtime. Finally,
you developed two simple web applications that illustrate how HTML5 and ASP.NET can go hand in hand.
These applications also demonstrated how jQuery can make Ajax requests to the server and invoke server-
side code without posting the entire page to the server.
Although HTML5 features can be programmed using plain JavaScript, in many real-world cases you
use JavaScript-based libraries such as jQuery for client-side scripting. Chapter 2 delves into the details of
jQuery and makes you familiar with many of its programming constructs.
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