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.transparency {
border: 2px solid #071394;
This function specifies the red, green, and blue components as 10 , 200 , and 0 , respectively. The alpha
parameter is specified as 0.3 . Figure 13-17 shows how a box looks when you apply transparency of 0.3.
Figure 13-17. Setting a box's transparency using the rgba() function
In the figure, the second box is styled using rgba() . Notice how the background doesn't show through
the first box but does show through the second box, due to the transparency alpha value of 0.3 .
You can obtain a similar effect using the opacity property instead of rgba() :
.transparency2 {
border: 2px solid #071394;
The opacity property takes any value between 0 and 1, just like the alpha parameter discussed earlier.
Figure 13-18 shows the resulting box .
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