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Figure 12-6. Searching for jobs based on the user's location
The view has a numeric <input> field at the top. The user can specify a distance in meters to indicate
that only jobs within the specified distance are to be listed. When the user clicks the Show button, their
location is captured using the Geolocation API; based on the user's location and the distance specified,
only job postings that fall within the specified distance range are displayed. For example, if the user's
location is Mumbai and the distance specified is 150000 meters (150km), then job postings from Mumbai
and Pune will be displayed because these two locations fall within the specified range of 150km. Job
postings from Bangalore and Chennai won't be displayed because those locations are outside the specified
The application uses two tables— Jobs and Locations —that store job postings and location,
coordinates respectively. The Entity Framework data model for these tables is shown in Figure 12-7.
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