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Listing 11-11. Uploading Files Using the XMLHttpRequest Object
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
function UploadFiles() {
var data = new FormData();
for (var i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
data.append(files[i].name, files[i]);
xhr.upload.addEventListener(“progress”, OnProgress, false);
xhr.addEventListener(“load”, OnComplete, false);
xhr.addEventListener(“error”, OnError, false);
xhr.addEventListener(“abort”, OnAbort, false);“POST”, “UploadHandler.ashx”);
This code declares a global XMLHttpRequest object ( xhr ). The UploadFiles() function first creates a
new FormData object. It then iterates through all the files selected by the user. The files collection contains
the File objects as selected using the drag-and-drop operation. All the selected files are appended to the
FormData object using the FormData object's append() method.
Next, the addEventListener() method wires event handlers for the four events: progress , load , error ,
and abort . Note that because you're interested in tracking the progress of the data-upload operation, the
progress event of the upload object is handled rather than the progress event of the XMLHttpRequest object.
The event-handler functions OnProgress() , OnComplete() , OnError() , and OnAbort() are discussed shortly.
The XMLHttpRequest object's open() method is then called by specifying POST as the request type and
UploadHandler.ashx as the URL. UploadHandler.ashx is an ASP.NET generic handler that saves the
uploaded files on the server. Finally, you call the XMLHttpRequest object's send() method and pass the
FormData object to it as a parameter.
The Cancel button calls the XMLHttpRequest object's abort() method, as shown here:
function CancelUpload() {
The event-handler functions that handle the progress , load , error , and abort events are shown in
Listing 11-12.
Listing 11-12. Handling Events of the XMLHttpRequest Object
function OnProgress(evt) {
if (evt.lengthComputable) {
var progress = Math.round(evt.loaded * 100 /;
$(“#uploadProgress”).attr(“value”, progress);
function OnComplete(evt) {
function OnError(evt) {
alert(“Error Uploading File(s)!”);
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